Thinner books for the Faculty of law

Former students of the Faculty of Law certainly remember the books from obligation law which had about 1,500 pages. Since lawyers now studying will not have a problem that due to redundancy textbooks this item also saved more than a year. Today, a single textbook in the Faculty of Law must not have more than 600 pages. visit this link  also considered that is a very smart decision and students will easier to learn.
In the process of reforming the teaching in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration, higher education institutions are obliged to enact ordinances which will define the standards in writing textbooks. Textbook Commission adopted the Law Faculty Regulations on textbooks.

Under the new regime of studying, all courses are one, so we cannot expect students to be in such a short period will be able to prepare the exam in such broad textbooks.

This ordinance stipulates that tutorial

580x330_Minerva_researchFor cases with eight to nine hours per week must have up to 600 pages. If the student subject listens to seven hours a week, the book from which to learn must not have more than 450 pages. For items with a fund of six hours per week prescribed standard, textbook to page 400. If the subject in the curriculum is represented by five hours per week, textbook must have up to 300 pages, and if you listen to four hours, up to 200 pages. The smallest textbooks to 150 pages are intended for items that are taught three hours per week.

Ratings for teachers
At the end of each semester Faculty organizes student surveys to evaluate the quality of the teaching and examination materials. If students give a rating of less than 2.5, on a scale of 1 to 5, the teachers of these subjects, as well as their departments, indicating the request for the improvement of teaching and test reading.