How much lawyers earn

All lawyers become lawyers in the same way, they all study four years to earn bachelor’s degree and three years in law school. After law school they choose their specialization. All lawyers follow the same path to their professional lives, but not all of them have the same payment.

Firms vs. private practice
The salary of lawyers often depends on whether they work for themselves, in law firms or in the public sector. According to statistics, the highest incomes have lawyers who work in law firms. They often earn more because they have clients who need permanent representation, they generally work longer, but also they are more stressed due to the types of the cases they deal with.
Public sector lawyers
12According to statistics the lowest salaries have lawyers who work in the public sector. Lawyers who work in the public sector are those who work for cities, counties, state agencies, public schools, universities and other government organizations. Salaries for public defense lawyers and prosecutors are usually very similar, but some smaller communities are paying slightly less, and larger communities pay more. Association for Legal Career Professionals Research is found that the lawyers of the public sector earned a high salary from $ 45,000 to $ 52,000.
Corporate lawyers
They represent private industry clients. Often they solve financial and tax matters, including bankruptcy. Corporate lawyers work for large and medium companies, or work directly for some private company and generally they earn much more than most other lawyers, because they work for companies that constantly need intermediaries and because this companies financially standing very well.
Criminal defense lawyers
Criminal defense lawyers, just likeĀ helpful site are dealing with clients who are charged for misdemeanors and serious felonies, too. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that their salaries range from $45,000 – $130,000. Lawyers who work in firms earn more from those who work in the public sector.

Family Law

They are dealing with cases such as divorce, adoption or child custody. Most of these lawyers work in private practice or in small firms and generally they earn less than their colleagues. 2011 Statistical data show that the salary of new employees about $50 250, while lawyers who have 10 years of experience or more is about $147 500.